Pangea Projects UK Ltd

Pangea Projects UK Ltd

At Pangea Projects UK, we’re dedicated to driving sustainable growth and social impact in the United Kingdom. Explore our innovative solutions and partnerships, leading the way in community transformation.

About Us

Pangea Projects UK is a pioneering force in community transformation, deeply rooted in the United Kingdom. Our mission is clear: to create sustainable and impactful change through innovative infrastructure solutions and social enterprises.

With a focus on healthcare, housing, and community development, we tackle critical issues like bed blocking in the NHS and provide high-quality, future-proof housing, including asylum and refugee housing.

Pangea Projects UK believes in strong partnerships with local authorities, ensuring a long-lasting and positive impact on communities. Our in-house Care Provider partner, fully qualified and experienced, exemplifies our dedication to quality care and local employment.

Financial Stability

Our projects are 100% self-funded by Pangea Projects UK Ltd, a testament to our confidence in the value we bring to the communities we serve. What sets us apart is our partnership with a Triple A-rated Danish Pension Fund. This partnership provides a strong financial backbone for our projects, underwriting all capital expenditure through a UK-based entity. As a result, funding for UK projects originates from a UK-based source, minimising financial risks associated with overseas investments.

We understand the concerns of our clients, which is why we require zero capital investment upfront. You can trust that no payments are required until our facilities are fully operational, allowing you to focus on your community’s needs without financial burden.

Pangea Projects UK is dedicated to delivering results, and our financial stability ensures that your project will be executed with confidence, reliability, and excellence.

Sustainability Focus

Pangea Projects UK is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable development. We believe in creating a better future by minimising our ecological footprint and maximising the positive impact of our projects.

Net-Zero Carbon Footprint

Our buildings are designed with a strong focus on sustainability, aiming for a net-zero carbon footprint. We employ innovative fabric-first Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) techniques to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy

We harness the power of renewable energy sources to reduce our environmental impact. Solar panels, air source heat pumps (ASHP), battery energy storage systems, and renewable technologies are integrated into our projects whenever site conditions allow.

Green Partnerships

Pangea Projects UK collaborates with leading partners in the renewable energy and sustainable construction sectors. Our established partnerships ensure that we utilise the latest advancements in environmentally responsible building practices.

Our Secure Partnerships

At Pangea Projects UK, we prioritise long-term partnerships founded on trust and transparency. Our commitment extends to securing stability through lengthy lease agreements, typically spanning 25 to 40 years, ensuring uninterrupted support for communities.

Each council asset, whether land or existing buildings, undergoes rigorous evaluation by our RICS/VAS registered consultants, guaranteeing fair market value appraisals.

Our flexible lease options enable potential facility purchase at the lease term’s end or renegotiation based on initial rental periods, allowing customisation to specific needs.

Pangea Projects UK collaborates closely with local authorities, regulatory bodies, and social housing providers to meet operational, regulatory, and CSR requirements. Our strong partnerships ensure enduring, mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Commitment to Quality Care

Pangea Projects UK places a premium on the well-being of residents and the communities we serve. Our commitment to quality care and employment opportunities reflects our dedication to holistic community development.

We take pride in our in-house Care Provider partner, fully qualified and experienced in delivering high-quality care services. Our partners hold certifications from regulatory bodies like CQC and OFSTED, ensuring residents receive exceptional care.

Pangea Projects UK is more than a development company; we are a partner invested in the well-being of communities. Our commitment to quality care and local employment is a testament to our mission of creating lasting positive change. Explore how we can work together for the betterment of all.

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